Moved to Tears: An Hour To Save Your Life

Programme Name: An Hour to Save Your Life - TX: 04/03/2014 - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Preparing to attend an emergency call with London's Air Ambulance Dr MJ Slabbert - (C) Boundless - Photographer: Grab

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.”

Hi! I thought I’d do today’s Daily Post writing prompt. It’s the first time I’ve done one of these and I’d love to do more, they suggest some really interesting topics.

Today’s prompt is: ‘Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.’

I immediately thought of last night’s episode of ‘An Hour To Save Your Life‘ which is a BBC2 documentary which explores the life or death decisions medical workers face in the first critical hour of emergency care. I’ve only seen the last two episodes but this series has already moved me to tears in each episode. I didn’t cry for very long, but I was still deeply moved.

It sounds cheesy, and it’s often said; but life is short and precious. Everything can change in a split second.

Last week’s episode centred on three babies needing urgent medical care: Baby Alyssia is born ten weeks premature, baby Harley’s heart rate drops dangerously low during labour, and baby Evelyn is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition in the womb. I was gripped and saddened at the same time; the medical staff worked so quickly yet professionally as these tiny babies clung to life. Yesterday’s episode detailed three people who had been minutes from death: Victoria, who needed treatment then and there at the roadside after being run over,  a young man critically injured in a car crash and a young woman who collapsed in the street after her heart stopped. Again, I was in awe of the amazing work the medics did. They had to make tough decisions quickly on what to do and literally had lives in their hands, but they dealt with this pressure incredibly well.

But what really moved me to tears was the end of these episodes, when we find out what happened to the people involved and how they’re doing now. All three babies from the previous episode survived and are now doing well, including little Alyssia, who had underdeveloped lungs due to her prematurity but now looks happy and healthy.

All three people from last night’s episode survived, but the staff were unable to save Victoria’s leg. Seeing her emotionally express her gratitude to the staff for saving her life and saying that she felt lucky to be alive moved me to tears. I was reminded of the recent Alton Towers crash and how 17-year-old Leah Washington lost her leg in the accident. Obviously the compensation Leah will receive will do little to help with the anguish of losing her leg, and the emergency services should definitely have been called sooner after the crash, but like Victoria, Leah is still alive and there is still so much to live for. So please, don’t take life for granted.

As a side note, I know people complain about the NHS, but I really think it’s a fantastic thing. The UK is the only country in the world to have a national health service and it works. (I have no idea if the Tories are going to privatise it as has been rumoured, but I hope not.)

This is another thing which is said a lot, but I do really think medical workers deserve better pay. It’s not practical to give them footballer salaries but they do deserve more as they do such an important job. As I said in the 50 facts about me post on my other blog, I would love to be a doctor (as I love helping people) but I am too squeamish (and I would probably be emotionally affected as well) and not good at science. However I have so much respect for doctors, nurses, paramedics, midwives, fire fighters etc. This statement makes this blog post even cheesier, but I do think these people are sort of like everyday heroes, since they save lives every day for a living. What could be more rewarding than that? I wish I could do it myself. If I do one thing with my life, I’d like to at least make the world a better place in some way, even if it’s only with a small thing.

Lastly, I’d like to wish Leah Washington, Joe Pugh, Vicky Palch and Daniel Thorpe all the best with their recovery.

If you haven’t seen ‘An Hour to Save Your Life’ I’d definitely recommend checking it out, it’s brilliant. Here’s a link to it on Iplayer.



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