26 Thoughts British Women Have in Summer


Hi! This is just a random silly idea that popped into my head, based on how we British girls have been feeling about the heatwave in the UK recently. Hope you enjoy it, don’t take it too seriously ūüôā For this type of list post I was definitely influenced by Hannah Gale and the Buzzfeed type articles but obviously I have not intentionally copied anything!

1. Hey, it’s 22 degrees and sunny today!¬†Time for barbeques and Pimm’s and ICE CREAM.

2. FINALLY I can wear that cute playsuit.

3. Damn, I have to take off the whole flipping playsuit to go to the loo.

4. Hope I don’t burn *applies 100 layers of suncream.*

5. Might be time to use some sort of tanning product.

6.  Also time to paint my toenails to make my feet slightly less ugly in sandal season.

7.¬†Oh shit, now it’s 30 degrees and sunny. It’s too hot now. Abort, abort.

8. ¬†Fuck me it’s hot. I think I’m melting.*Stands in front of a fan for several minutes*

9. Oh my god, shade. Beautiful shade.

10. *Goes into a building with perfect air conditioning.* Can I move in here please?

11. The inside of this train is probably hotter than the actual sun.

12. I wish I had a jacuzzi and a Ferrari in this weather. I need to win the lottery.

13.¬†I can’t sleep. I’m actually quite tempted to go and sleep outside.

14.¬†I’m sleeping naked, cos yolo. Just not outside.

15. Ah crap, I need the window open. What about all the bugs and SPIDERS?!

16.¬†Holy shit, that’s a big moth.Not that I’m scared or anything.

17. I actually do want a cold shower.

18.¬†Let’s go to the beach! Ah, that refreshing coastal breeze.

19. 99’s are how much?!

20. *Struggles with hair being blown everywhere whilst trying to eat ice cream at the beach.*

21. Shit, a wasp Р*feels ridiculous whilst running from it.*

22. An extremely cold drink of anything is like drinking from a heavenly golden fountain of wonder.

23. I wish those Frappuccino/Ice Cold Costa things weren’t so high in sugar/calories. Plus they’re expensive.

24. Eh, fuck it. You have to treat yo self sometimes. *Drinks Frappuccino.*

25. I’m eating a lot of unhealthy food lately…I promise I’ll try to go for a morning run at 6am tomorrow to make up for it. Maybe.

26.¬†Oh, it’s raining and thundering now.


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