Random Pieces Of Music I Love

Hello! This is a random post, but I just fancied writing it. When I say random pieces of music, I mean instrumental ones rather than songs. As I mainly listen to songs it’s unusual to find a piece of music that I like enough to listen to again and again even though there’s no voice or lyrics to sing along to. (Not that I mime along to songs I love or anything…)

This is in no particular order…

1. ‘Shanghai Drive’ from Skyfall (2012)

I really liked Skyfall, the most recent Bond film, and I remember loving the music that played during James Bond’s drive through Shanghai. This music is so cool. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it’s very spy-like. It builds up really well and sounds quite futuristic, but it still retains a Shanghai theme.

2. Death of Titanic from Titanic (1997)

This isn’t one I go back and listen to regularly on YouTube like the others, and I haven’t actually watched Titanic in a while, but every time I do I feel like the music is brilliant. It maintains the same sort of ‘heart will go on’ tune throughout the buildup and the actual sinking scene (ironically I’m not a big fan of the actual song.) It builds up effectively for the crucial moments, especially when the ship splits in half and it swells in this particular way (at 4.31 in the video) that makes you almost identify with the way the people on the ship must have been feeling (like your stomach dropping.) It goes perfectly with every moment and helps you appreciate the tragedy of the disaster. It’s amazing how powerful music can be as while Mulan’s Decision (which I’m going to talk about next) seems to motivate me, this music makes me kind of anxious!

3. ‘Mulan’s Decision’/’Haircut’ from Mulan (1998)

If you haven’t seen this film, I would really recommend it even if you are a fully grown adult. It’s one of my favourite Disney films, and Mulan is an amazing protagonist. Unlike the mostly passive Disney princesses you usually get, Mulan kicks ass. Anyway, this scene is a crucial one in the film, as Mulan makes the decision to take her father’s place (saving his life, as he’s old) in the war against the Huns. She cuts her hair and takes his armour. There’s been some interesting discussion on Tumblr about Mulan actually being the Great Stone Dragon (that won’t make any sense if you haven’t seen the film, but there we go) but it’s a very powerful scene and I actually find this music strangely motivating. Plus the synthesizer sounds awesome.

4. ‘Nightwatchman’s Theme’ from Robin Hood (2006)

I used to love this show despite its faults, and I really think the music was one of the best things it had going for it. While the show rarely took itself seriously (especially when it came to historical accuracy), the music did. The theme tune was also excellent and very memorable but for some reason I really love the Nightwatchman’s theme. (For those who don’t know, the Nightwatchman was basically Marian’s ‘alter ego’ as she helped people and fought the bad guys in disguise, but none of the characters ever seemed to notice the Nightwatchman was a woman despite the breasts and female grunt sounds during fight scenes. Anyway, this music is so good. It played over her fight scenes and went with them really well. I love how it’s basically a sped up version of ‘Marian’s Theme’ which had a guitar playing romantically in the background of many Robin/Marian scenes, getting teenage Sabrina swooning.

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot this last one!

5. ‘Welcome to Lunar Industries’

This is a brilliant film and I love this atmospheric music. It’s another one that builds up perfectly.

Hope you liked this unusual post…do you like any random instrumental music from your favourite films or tv shows? I feel like I might have forgotten something!


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